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Installation testers

All countries in the world have special regulations for testing and approvals of low voltage installations. In many countries these regulations are prescribing installers, inspectors etc. to check the electrical installation periodically.
The basis for the local regulations is in many occasions the IEC/EN 60364 “Electrical installations of Buildings”. In relation to this regulation, all important parts of a LV-installation need to be approved.
Prescribed tests that need to be performed are:
  • RCD test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Earth loop impedance test
  • Earth loop resistance test (Rs-test)
  • Earth resistance test
Obviously, values such as voltage and frequency are part of every test as well. Secondly, the regulation EN 50110 “Operation of electrical installations” is translated and formed to many national regulations. This regulation is specifically for operation or maintenance of low voltage installations and distribution systems. These installations are mostly in housings, factories or office buildings.
Besides the regulations, the growing number of ‘aging’ installations as well as the increased product liability are important reasons to test all parts of installations thoroughly.
In order to test all necessary components of any installation and to perform all tests within the regulations, Nieaf-Smitt is offering several installation testers. There are individual testers for parts of the regulation and four combination testers.


Instaltest XE
Instaltest XE
  • Insulation resistance
  • Continuity
  • Contact voltage of the RCD
  • Trip time of the RCD
  • Automatic RCD test
  • Trip current of the RCD
  • Earthloop impedance without tripping RCD
  • Phase rotation
  • Earth resistance
  • Line impedance (Z-line)
  • Earthloop impedance (Z-loop)
  • Voltage
  • Earth resistance
IRT-C Insulation resistance tester
IRT-C Insulation resistance tester
  • The insulation resistance tester IRT-C is engineered for accurate measuring of LV-installations and appliances according the EN 61157 regulation. The tester has been developed to measure voltage and continuity.
  • Digital insulation tester. Measuring voltages: 100, 250, 500 and 1000 VDC. Internal memory for 500 measurements. RS232 output. Incl. set of test leads.
  • Digital RCD tester. For measuring the RCD completely. Internal memory for 500 measurements. RS232 output. Incl. set of test leads.
  • Digital Earth Loop resistance and netimpendancemeter without tripping the RCD. Internal memory for 500 measurements. RS232 output. Incl. set of test leads.
  • Digital earth resistance meter for all field measurements. Internal memory for 500 measurements. RS232 output. Incl. set of test leads.
Instaltest AT
Instaltest AT
  • Multifunction installation tester with Autotest. Up to 5 times faster testing, reports can be generated with the supplied software. Testing according to EN 50110 and NEN 1010.
  • The tester can inspect, measure and test different kinds of RCD’s (normal and selective), net or loop impedance and (insulation) resistance on LV-installations. Voltages can also be measured.
Instaltest XE (old model)
Instaltest XE (old model)
  • Compact, complete and lightweight multifunction installation tester. Tests are performed according to EN 50110 and NEN 1010. Tests insulation, RCD, Z-line and Z-loop, phase direction, LUX, earth resistance.
Accessories for installation testers

Accessories for installation testers

Accessories for installationtesters



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