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Cable locator

The LineSpotter is a cable avoidance tool & live cable locator, designed to locate cables and metal plumbing in walls, floors or ceilings and to identify fuses/mcb’s.

Features of LineSpotter 

  • Tracing of cables in walls, ceilings, floors or ground till 20 cm
  • Indication under live and not connected situations
  • Location of cable interruptions or short circuits
  • Location of hidden sockets or distribution boxes
  • Locating fuses and assignment to circuits
  • Determine individual wires in a bundle
  • Tracing of plumbing or other conductive loops
  • Special clamp for high accuracy by determination of fuses
The principle of the LineSpotter is based on a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter sends a signal of 10.6 kHz, which can be traced or located with the receiver. The receiver can be adjusted into 3 sensitivity modes, low - middle - high. The additional trimmer can do the finetuning. 


  • Test leads
  • Test probes
  • Alligator clamps
  • Bag
  • Batteries
  • Manual

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