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Energy and traction control

‘MSAV is a system to measure high current and high voltage for energy and traction control management, both for new-built and retrofit railway applications’

The international railway market is focused on minimizing the carbon footprint by optimising the use of natural resources and energy. Deregulation of the railway infrastructure requires a different way of working and tools to support new business models in the railway industry the European EN 50463 standard sets new requirements for energy measurement and the calculation of the interoperability cost of rolling stock.
At the same time new trains require more integrated solutions to simplify the design, to save space and weight.

Accurate sensor technology

Mors Smitt has developed the MSAV sensor range, an innovative integrated voltage and current measurement system. The sensor technology is a patented fibre optic insulation technology.

MSAV key features

The MSAV platform is designed to measure high current and voltage, AC and DC, with a very high level of accuracy fully compliant with the new EN 50463 standard. The maximum errror <1.5% for AC and <2% for DC of the calculated energy consumption is easily obtained with the MSAV solution.
The MSAV can detect catenary, overcurrent and harmonics. The MSAV system is capable to support synchronization of traction management systems.
The patented MSAV technology enable a smaller design leading to significant weight and space savings. The MSAV technology does not require calibration which leads to less commissioning and maintenance cost.

Mors Smitt added value

With the MSAV sensor range, Mors Smitt offers a unique all-in-one modular and scalable solutions for energy measurement and traction control functions.
Our products, solutions and services are focused on reduction of the environmental impact. Mors Smitt is certified according IRIS, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001.
The MSAV25000 and MSAV-DC standard versions offer a unique tailor-made solution for
new-built and retrofit applications for energy measurement and integrated traction
management functions.

Key features

  • Energy measurement in one system (EN 50463 and TSI compliant)
  • Unique device for all train functions (sensing device, short circuit & overcurrent detection)
  • Weight and space saving, simplified schematic
  • Simplified roof architecture
  • Easy integration on any retrofit and new-built trains
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Patented fiber optic technology ensures the highest isolation between high voltage
    and low voltage interfaces
  • Interoperability with all railway rolling stock and network

Products & Solutions:

MSAV25000 Energy Measurement Sensor
MSAV25000 Energy Measurement Sensor
For AC Current & Voltage
  • AC voltage measurement function (VMF) according EN 50463
  • AC current measurement function (CMF) according EN 50463
  • Energy calculation function (ECF) according EN 50463
  • AC type catenary detection
  • AC overcurrent detection
  • AC traction synchronisation
MSAV-DC Energy Measurement Sensor
MSAV-DC Energy Measurement Sensor
For DC Current & Voltage
  • DC Voltage Measurement Function (VMF) according to EN 50463
  • DC current Measurement Function (CMF) according to EN 50463
  • Energy Calculation Function (ECF) according to EN 50463
Energy Billing Solution
Energy Billing Solution
  • Energy Measurement system is covered by new European standard EN 50463 which defined all
  • technical requirements for main use of energy billing purpose.
Energy Saving Solution
Energy Saving Solution
  • Realtime driver information on energy consumption offers important cost savings and supplies an efficient tool to complete improvements in the driver behaviour program.
Traction Control Solution
Traction Control Solution
  • Catenary detection
  • Signal for traction inverter synchronisation (sensing device)
  • Over current detection logic function (QLM relay)
  • Short circuit detection
  • Harmonics detection
  • Additional outputs

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