We invite you to visit us at the Rail Live! in Bilbao. rail-live-large.png

Rail Live! is an exhibition and conference all about digital technology innovation in the rail sector and takes place in Bilbao from March 5th - 7th.

The conference will concentrate on how new technologies are being applied to a traditional industry with new outcomes for operators and their partners.

The exhibition will showcase the full range of innovation in the sector from civil engineering and construction, to intelligent track innovation, IoT and asset management.

Our stand number: 65C

For meeting requests please contact: sales.msbv@wabtec.com

On our stand we have the following products and solutions on display:


TPWS & AWS Train Protection and Warning System

  • Total control, monitoring and processing of TPWS and AWS function
  • Small, lightweight and reliable system
  • Ethernet / MVB / serial communication interface
  • ETCS ready with UNISIG compliant STM
  • Supplied with DeBo and ISA certification for easy homologation


MicroMeter Energy Mapping Solution


The most miniaturized energy measuring solution to create a comprehensive detailed energy consumption.

High accurate system for consumption mapping & control. MicroMeter is the perfect solution to measure energy consumption of multiple subsystem on board.


Hall Effect Sensors

Hall Effect Sensors  

The Mors Smitt transducers are used to measure high currents and high voltages in rolling stock and track side applications.


Miniature Circuit Breakers


Miniature circuit breakers are applied to protect electric applications against an over current.

Mors Smitt delivers a wide range of miniature circuit breakers specially designed and tested according to railway regulations.


Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions  

New built or retro-fit, Mors Smitt delivers a perfect, competitive and on time solution for any onboard challenge of space limitations and technical requirements.

Our experienced engineers have thorough knowledge of train components & technologies. We design, develop, test and deliver your solutions to the latest railway standards and directives.