Power analysers

Power analysers

The quality of all kinds of products is vital and the energy network as well. This does not mean that the electricity network is actually clean. Different processes are detected, such as Flicker, surges and voltage dips. It is necessary to include these processes to a minimum. The power analysers will help the user to draw conclusions on the basis of periodic measurements, so that these problems can be solved. 

The European regulation EN 50160 is one of the most important regulations for measurements of LV-installations. The essential values for LV-installations are subscribed in this regulation. Besides the EN50160  there is another important standard, the EN 61000-4-30. This standard ensures that different PQ instruments use the same definitions, and measurement techniques, for various power quality parameters: sags/dips, swells, frequency, harmonics, Flicker etc.. Use of this standard ensures that users use the same terms, measurements and definitions.

In order to measure and analyse a LV-installation, according to the EN 50160, two power analysers are available within the Nieaf-Smitt program: 


PHA4400 is a lightweight, handheld, 3-phase analyser for quick Power Quality assessment in low and middle voltage systems. All major power quality parameters like U, I, PF, cos φ, P, Q and S can be monitored on-line,  measured or recorded. Thanks to various pre-set measuring profiles, different diagnostics can be performed on-site, even without a pc!


The PQA7700 is a handheld, simple to use, portable power quality analyser with four current and four voltage measuring channels. Integrated in a rugged housing and packed with powerful functions it can be effectively used for monitoring, troubleshooting and analysing of power quality conditions in power distribution networks either in industry or utilities. The PQA7700 meets the demands of the standards IEC61000-4-30 and IEC 61557-12. For optimal analyses of the measured values, the included Windows software can be used. This software can be used for storing the test data and to make several reports and graphic displays, all according to the EN 50160 regulation. Obviously, the data and the reports can be stored and printed. For report modification into a customized report, the data and reports can be exported to .doc and .xls-files.