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Mors Smitt circuit breaker panels for Sao Paolo


São Paulo Metro selected the new generation INNOVIA Monorail 300 system for the Expresso Tiradentes mass transit line to benefit 500,000 daily passengers.

Engineering, design and testing for the Monorail vehicles will be at Bombardier’s site in Kingston, Canada. Manufacturing of the initial cars will be carried out by Bombardier in Pittsburgh, USA, and subsequent cars will be built in Brazil at Bombardier’s plant in Hortolândia. Phase One of the system is expected to open for passenger services by 2014.

Mors Smitt delivers Bombardier the circuit breaker panels for this project. These panels are developed to protect all the onboard train equipment. The scope of supply is 378 circuit breaker panels with a total of 9250, 2 pole UL limited circuit breakers.

Mors Smitt is experienced in designing and building panels for placement in limited space areas. This specific panel is located in the front of the train near the driver desk. It was a challenge to mount the circuit breakers in a very limited space envelope. Even a custom made covered bus bar was designed to meet the UL 67 requirements.

The final design is based on low maintenance, good reliability, accessibility and easy plug and play installation.

To avoid any fault, Mors Smitt is testing each circuit breaker panel with a special test computer for 100% electrical testing. The tested panel will be delivered together with an inspection report and test certificate.

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