Data Communication and Processing

Data Communication and Processing

Energy data transmission is essential for reactive processing like billing the real consumption and analysing the train behaviour. Also, maintenance data communication is the basis of the conditions based maintenance organization.

Capability to transmit to the train network and to the ground servers all the energy and diagnostic data is an asset for modern rolling stock and operation.

The modular and scalable CATEnergy Energy control unit includes Ethernet communication ports and GSM communication function.

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catenergy-energy-control-unit.png   CatEnergy Energy control unit
  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement Function (VMF) according to EN50463
  • AC Current Measurement Function (CMF) according to EN50463



dc-s-data-collection-service-2.png   DC S Data Collecting Service
  • DCS compliant with EN50463-4:2017 & 2012
  • Energy data collection
  • Maintenance data collection
  • Analysis tools
  • Exchange platform to other
  • DCS
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