Project References

Project References

Bombardier, PHD, Regio2N

bombardier-phd-sweden(2).png bombardier-phd-sweden-2.png

Stadler, Valencia

stadler-hdrm-small-2(1).png stadler-hdrm-small-3(1).png

Solaris Tramino, Germany

solaris-tramino-small-v2.png solaris-tramino-small-2.png

Harbin Metro L1, China

harbin-metro-l1-small-v2(1).png harbin-metro-l1-small-2.png

M9 EMU in Long Island, USA

m9-emu-long-island-small.png relay-detail-d8-u200-2.png

Stockholm metro

Over 4.000 relays and miniature circuit breakers.

c30-1-small.png 3xrelais-small.jpg

Emergency brake override system, the Netherlands

1.000 panels designed and manufactured.

nedtrain-ebo.png nedtrain-paneel-uitsnede.jpg

SSL – Sub surface line, London

2.792 electronic distribution panels designed and manufactured.

ssl-sub-surface-line-trein.jpg ssl-sub-surface-line-paneel.jpg

RE Lötschberg, Switzerland

129 electrical distribution panels in 5 different versions designed and manufactured.

re-lotschberg-trein.jpg re-lotschberg-paneel.jpg

Deadman control, Dutch Railways

555 electical deadman monitoring panels designed and manufactured.

 deadman-control-trein.jpg  deadman-control-paneel.jpg

SEPTA, Philadelphia USA

120 electrical distribution boards designed and manufactured.

septa-electrical-distribution-board-trein.jpg septa-electrical-distribution-board-paneel.jpg

RATP metroline 1, Paris

360 relay rack panels designed and manufactured.

 ratp-metroline-1-trein.jpg  ratp-metroline-1-paneel.jpg

SMRT , Singapore

660 electrical relay boards designed and manufactured.

 smrt-refurbishment-trein.jpg  smrt-refurbishment-paneel.jpg

Hong Kong airport express

Form-fit-function replacement units developed to replace industrial miniature contactors.

 hong-kong-airport-express-trein.jpg  hong-kong-airport-express-paneel.jpg

Nord-Ostsee Bahn

Free configurable relay module with 24 contacts developed.

 nord-ostsee-bahn-trein.jpg  nord-ostsee-bahn-paneel.jpg

RATP metroline 7, 8 and 13, Paris

435 relay blocks in two different executions designed and manufactured for door opening/closing and general speed control and braking.

 ratp-metroline-7-8-13-trein.jpg  ratp-metroline-7-8-13-paneel.jpg

High Density Relay Modules

Short project lead time and last minute design changes call for flexible electrical circuit solutions. Space- and weight issues call for compact, light weight solutions.