About us

‘Always striving to be the best’
The Mors Smitt Group, has two business activities;

  • Railway Technology.
  • Industrial Technology.

Railway Technology

Mors Smitt serves the rolling stock industry with components such as relays, safety critical electronics and complete measuring and control solutions. The needs of the signalling / infrastructure industry are served with vital relays and safety testers. 

Industrial Technology

Serving the maritime, manufacturing, power generation and ‘installation’ domains with proven reliable relays, panel indicators and test & measuring equipment. Products and solutions that work unquestioningly over a long effective life. 

Mors Smitt Group - a short review

In 1898 Societé d’Electricité et automobiles Mors was founded in France, likewise in 1900 NIF (Netherlands Instruments Factory), later to become Nieaf (Netherlands Instruments and Electrical Apparatus Factory) in 1913. In 1902 Smitt was founded in the Netherlands and in 1984 merged with Nieaf. Dardel Industries acquired Nieaf-Smitt in 1990 and the Mors Relay Division in 1996. In 2003 Mors Smitt Technology USA was created and in 2008 MorsSmitt Asia in Hong Kong and Zhongshan Relay Limited in China were founded. In 2011 STS Rail was acquired.
In 2012 Mors Smitt Group is acquired by Wabtec corporation.

Since then we have made tremendous progress in establishing ourselves as a worldleader in railway relays and related technologies and have a leading role in the industrial relay technology and
maritime bridge instrumentation.

Guiding principles
We have achieved a lot thanks to your trust and confidence in our organisation, products,
capabilities and our guiding principles:

  • Customer service first; expand global network and local presence
  • Never compromise on quality and safety
  • Continuously invest in technology and innovation
  • Focus on LEAN manufacturing


‘Always listening carefully’
Recent new developments in the area of railway energy management solutions and maritime bridge instrumentation will help us to strengthen our market positions and contribute to sustainable growth.

We are looking forward listening to you and learn about your specific needs.