Traction control

Traction control

New trains require more and more integrated cost-effective solutions to simplify design and save space and weight with competitiveness target.

Integrated High voltage & current measurement are key elements for rolling stock’s vital traction management and protection with essential functionalities such as traction synchronization, catenary type detection, overcurrent detection, harmonics detection, etc…

CatEnergy is an integrated system with a complete set of traction units vital functions and a perfect solution to reach ambitious weight, place and cost-effective objectives.

Products in this solution


multiinterfaceelectroniccontrolunit.png   Multi-Interface electronic control unit
  • Extended Range of functionality
  • Modular and scalable
  • Compact electronic Rack for easy integration
  • Full set of digital network interface
  • Configurable logic output for detection function (catenary voltage, overcurrent, short circuit, harmonics, etc.)
  • Configurable analog voltage or current loop output for traction inverter control