Mission & Values

Mission & values


Worldleader in railway relay technology and energy measuring

Most valued business partner for industrial relay technology, 
electrical test equipment and marine bridge instrumentation.
To our clients- we seek to be a competent, cost-effective, reliable and creative partner in business supplying the highest quality and always serving the interest of user safety.
To our employees - we seek to invest best efforts in training, career development, job satisfaction and fair remuneration.
To our suppliers - we seek to be honourable, trusted and long term partner in business.
To the technical authorities - we seek to constantly exceed the standards laid upon the products and services relevant in our sector of industry.
To the outside world - we seek to be a model of integrity, quality, environmental responsibility and technical expertise - a good citizen sensitive to community welfare.
To our shareholders - we seek to derive optimal return on capital, sustainable profits and ensure the long term health and continuity of the company. 
In all we undertake we seek to optimize safety for all above constituencies.


People - Treat people with respect and dignity. Welcome diversity and diverse opinions. Help our fellow employees to improve their skills. Recognize and reward accomplishments. Foster teamwork and collaboration.

Integrity - Be honest, forthright and trustworthy. Respect ethics, law and regulations.

Commitment - Honor commitment to customers, shareholders, community and each other. Accept personal responsibility to meet commitments; be accountable.

Excellence - Improve performance continually. Emphasize quality, productivity growth, best practices and measurements. Always strive to be the best.