Energy measurements

Energy measurements

Mors Smitt has a broad experience and expertise to provides complete solutions for railway application with high and low voltage, current, power and energy measurements, traction control and electrical protection, data communication and collection with ground server, analysis and processing. The full range of Mors Smitt products ensure you get the right solution for your AC and DC rolling stock and railway applications:

1. AC/DC sensors and hall effect sensors offer wide range of electrical measurements for rolling stock and railway infrastructure.
2. CATenery control unit and energy micrometer provide various functionalities from single analog and digital outputs to added value signal processing for traction control and energy measurement.
3. Protection relays with wide range of voltage, current and differential measurements for a simple and advanced protection functions for railway applications.
4. Added value services complete our offer – including system design, product selection, integration and installation support, data collecting services and maintenance.

Overall train energy consumption

  • CatEnergy AC/DC sensors
  • Electronic unit for energy calculation
  • High level of accuracy of total consumed and regenerated energy 



Subsystems energy consumption

  • Energy micrometer, up to 3 simultaneous energy calculations
  • Hall effect sensors for all internal measurement points



Data communication

  • Data handling system for data communication
  • Multiple communication channels
    (GPS, Radio, Train Network)
  • Full range of valuable data
    (data for billing, saving and condition based maintenance)



Ground data collecting service

  • DCS ground server for data processing
  • Data processing and exchange
  • User-friendy interface with extended functionality


Traction control

  • Complete interface for traction
  • CATenergy products for essential functionalities for propulsion unit
  • Protection relays for easy detection 



Circuits protection

  • Easy warning with protection relay 
  • Module for extended detection of parameters  
  • Voltage LED indicator