Subsystems Energy Consumption

Subsystems Energy Consumption

Achieving energy saving request to understand train internal systems consumption.
Rolling stock includes several energy consumers with propulsion and auxiliary systems. Knowing accurately the share of consumption of all the major contributors is a prerequisite of saving strategy and target follow up.

Extremely compact and easy to install and connect to every king of sensors, the Micrometer is the perfect solution to measure very accurately several consumptions with the same calculation rules. This gives a reliable overview of the energy mapping and sharing.

Fitted with Ethernet and RS485 communication port, the Micrometer can transmit added value data to train network and Energy Data Handling System for complete consumption understanding.

Products in this solution

micrometer-2.png MicroMeter, solution for energy mapping
  • Compact meter with analog input
  • 4 configurable analog inputs
  • AC & DC energy calculation
  • High-accuracy performance
  • Integrated power supply on all channels
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halleffectsensor.png Hall effect sensors
  • Hall effect sensors (closed loop technology) ensure high accuracy of voltage and current measuring in railway traction or substation power equipment for protection against power surges, overload, ground fault detection. Hall effect measurement to offer maximum protection in railway applications.
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