Panel indicators

Panel indicators

Nieaf-Smitt produces analogue indicators for maritime applications. Keyword for our production and R&D is flexibility. All instruments are produced on customer request and built on order.

We primarily produce navigation instruments for bridge, bridge wing and control room installation. For example for speed, RPM, rate of turn, and pitch. Especially rudder indication is a very important application.

Coming from traditional electromechanical technology, the latest developments in maritime instrumentation are based on processor controlled stepper motor technology and digital communication (bus). Offering ultimate flexibility in terms of interfacing with ‘the outside world’.

Customized Panel Indicator Design

The Nieaf-Smitt panel indicators can be customized fully to meet your preferences.

For example the company logo can be printed on the scale in full colour.
Another customization option is the illumination of the indicator and background lighting of the scale.
For the scale, on a white or black background, the following customizations are possible:
  1. The color of the pointer (black, white, yellow, UV-sensitive yellow).
  2. The color of the printing (various possibilities).
  3. Additional texts.
  4. Additional markings (such as stripes, arrows).
  5. Colored bands of stripes, to indicate or emphasize measured values.

Please do not hesitate to ask us to advice with your desired design.