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VoltPointer II

626000784 (OBSOLETE)

This product is obsolete.

The successor to the VoltPointer II is the VoltBeeper Plus.

Click here for the VoltBeeper Plus


Voltage detector

The VoltPointer has equal functions to the VoltSafe; it is a voltage detector and non-voltage indicator. The detector is always activated and will automatically give a (red) optical and an acoustic signal upon the presence of voltage.
By activating the on / off switch, the correct operation of the detector is checked (self-test). A single beep will sound and the probe tip will illuminate shortly. Both the PCB as well as the battery power are tested. The proper functioning of the unit is proved and a green LED is given for ~ 15 s.
In the tip of the VoltPointer, a bright LED is positioned that can be switched on manually and used as a (small) flashlight/torch. This makes the VoltPointer very suitable for use in poorly lit locations such as switch boards, distribution boxes etc.

Features of VoltPointer

  • Non-voltage detection
  • Optical and acoustical signal when a voltage is detected
  • Self-test by on / off switch
  • 100...1000 VAC
  • Flashlight/torch


  • Batteries
  • Manual

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