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NI 62, digital multimeter

626005042 (OBSOLETE)
This digital multimeter is no longer available.
The NI 64 is the successor of the NI 62, click here for the product page of the NI 64.

NI 62, digital multimeter

The NI 62 digital multimeter is a user friendly, compact and ergonomic multimeter. The multimeter is excellent for service applications, contains several functions and is easy to use. The multimeter is equipped with a Voltsense ability, which provides the user the opportunity to get an indication whether voltage is present or not, without making contact with the selected object. Besides Non-contact voltage detection the NI 62 is able to measure AC / DC voltage, current up to 10 AAC / DC and resistance.

Features fo NI 62, digital multimeter

  • Voltsense
  • AC / DC voltage
  • AC / DC current
  • Resistance
  • Min - max hold
  • Frequency
  • Diode test


  • Alligator clamp
  • Test leads
  • Batteries
  • Manual

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