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EazyPV solar installation tester


The use of and production of renewable energy is stimulated by the EU and via government incentives (e.g. through RES directive). It is easy to gain acces to the panels and there is a clear trend being seen in the amount of solar installations installed.

From site survey to commissioning process there are several points of interest:

  • Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency / output of the system
To determine the points mentioned above, several guidelines and legislations are applicable:
  • IEC 62446:2009 (Minimum requirements for system documentation, commissioning tests and inspection)
  • IEC 60364-6 (Low-voltage electrical installation – part 6: verification)
  • NEN 1010 / NTA 8013 (The Netherlands)

The IEC 62446 sets out several mesurements that should be provided to the customer, following the installation of a solar panel system:

  • Visual inspection: is the installation wired up correct? No damage to cables during installation?
  • Insulation resistance measurement (Riso)
  • Earth continuity measurement (Rpe)
  • PV String Short circuit current (Isc)
  • PV String Open Circuit Voltage (Uoc)
  • Solar Irradiance
  • Roof oriëntation and pitch

To meet the electrical test needs contractors have used multiple instruments that typically include an earth continuity and insulation resistance tester, a multimeters. DC clamp meter along with various associated connectors and leads.

The new Nieaf-Smitt solar PV installation tester EazyPV includes all the necessary equipment to perform pre-installation site surveys and measure the electrical safety and performance of installed PV systems in line with the international IEC 62446 standard.

The EazyPV enables contractors to install new solar PV installations safely, thoroughly and effectively in line with international standard.

The new high specification IRM100 combine irradiance measurement with a host of other features to enable solar PV and solar thermal contractors carry out site surveys quickly and easily. The versatile device uses a precision PV cell sensor for the higly accurate irradiance measurement, displaying results in either W/m2 or BTU/h/ft2.

The EazyPV and IRM100 includes all of the necessary equipment to measure the electrical safety and performance of PV systems as well as irradiance. Additionally, the kit is integral to conducting site-surveys for potential installations; providing the information needed to calculate estimated annual solar irradiation and system yields of PV and solar thermal systems, as described in several local guidelines.

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