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EazyPAT 3140USB


Tool tester with memory

The light and portable EazyPAT 3140USB is unique in the portfolio of device testers. The tester performs all mandatory tests according to NEN 3140: 2018 and has a number of unique features at its disposal. The large display provides a clear overview of the results of each test item.
The limit values of the NEN 3140: 2018 are integrated in the device, whereby approval or rejection is given immediately after the test.
There has been a huge increase in the use of sensitive equipment in recent years. The NEN 3140: 2018 responds to this by allowing a 250 V insulation resistance test to be carried out in addition to the 500 V. This useful functionality has of course been added to the EazyPAT 3140USB.
The EazyPAT 3140USB offers the possibility to test an earth leakage circuit breaker in accordance with NEN 3140. This makes it possible to inspect stray cabinets, etc. With an optional adapter, 3-phase equipment on earth and actual leakage current can be tested. In addition to a 3-phase actual leakage current test, the EazyPAT 3140USB is equipped with a leakage current test for 230 V-supplied equipment.
The EazyPAT 3140USB can store 999 tests. These can be printed with the supplied tool.


  • Testing of Class I equipment
  • Testing of Class II equipment
  • Testing of IEC cables, extension cables and reels
  • Measuring ALS according to NEN 3140
  • Measuring 3-phase machines for real leakage current
  • 250 V / 500 V insulation resistance test
  • 230 V real leakage current test
  • Checking the socket outlet
  • Storage of 999 readings


  • Instruction manual
  • Batteries
  • 230 V test cord
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • USB cable
  • CD with manual and software

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