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SCB Signal calibration box



The Signal Calibration Box (SCB) is designed to convert signals from a sensor and display these corrected signals on one or more panel indicators. The reason for the conversion is that the sensor and the indicators may have a certain deviation. The sensor can have an additional deviation caused by the alignment of the sensor.

The SCB is compliant to the international standards as summarized below, in short this means the SCB can compensate sensor and panel indicator deviations.
Configure the SCB to identify the sensor and indicator(s). Ideally the scale of the sensor matches the scale of the indicator(s). This is not mandatory. The SCB can be used for basically any type of system.

To know how to compensate the deviations, the SCB must be calibrated for the sensor and active indicators. Once calibrated, the sensor signal is converted to a "near perfect" reading on the indicator display. Please note that additional indicators and indicators that are replaced also need to be calibrated.

Use the SCB software tool to configure and calibrate the SCB.


  • 35 mm rail mounting • Pluggable screw connections • 1 signal input
  • 10 indicator outputs
  • 1 NMEA0183 compatible output
  • USB connection
  • Calibration with WindowsTM based software

Compliant to the following international standards

  • LR TA System Specification 1 of 2002
  • EN 60945: 2002
  • ISO 20673: 2007
  • EN 20672:2007
  • EN 22554:2007
  • EN 22555:2007

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