landingpage-d-u200n.png We would like to inform you about the introduction of the D-U200N relay series. This relay is the improvement of the successful D-U200 relay series.

The D-U200N relay is identical to the existing D-U200 relay but has the following advantages:

1. Improved performance low current switching
Long term reliable switching requires relays to switch at least some level of current in order to ensure electrical cleaning of the contacts. To ensure long term reliable switching also in low power switching applications, the D-U200N contacts remain very clean due to usage of low outgassing materials thereby eradicating internal pollution inside the relay. In addition, an improved cleaning process contributes to the enhanced low current switching performance. switching current:

landingpage-serializing-d-u200-picture.png2. Serializing
Each D-U200N relay is marked with a unique serial number to which all important production information and test results are linked. Also the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and part number is printed on each relay in both text and data matrix code according the worldwide recognized GS1 standard, being able to scan each relay for logistical and traceability purposes.

3. Marking
On top of each D-U200N relay a white area is printed to easily mark/label the relay. In this way relay identification according customers’ own preference is very easy and convenient.

4. -50⁰ Celsius
The D-U200N relay as standard is suitable for low temperatures down to -50⁰ Celsius. The existing option C (low temperature) for the D-U200 relay, is as standard included in the D-U200N relay.

Visual differences D-U200N relay compared to existing D-U200 relay

More information like the product datasheet and 3D files are available for download on our website. Detailed information like test certificates, reports and material lists are available upon request.

The price of the D-U200N is the same as for the existing D-U200 relay.

The D-U200N relay series is a form-fit-function successor of the existing D-U200 relay series. The D-U200 relay series can still be ordered for existing projects. We strongly advise to change to the D-U200N relay for all (new) projects. We apologize for any inconvenience to change ordering information.

More new Mors Smitt relays will be introduced with similar improvements as the D-U200N relay. At this moment the following new relays can be ordered:
  • D-U200N Plug-in railway relay with 4 change-over contacts
  • D-U200N-W Plug-in railway safety critical relay with 4 weld-no-transfer contacts
  • DGG-U200N Plug-in railway relay with 2 change-over contacts and large voltage range
  • DI-U900N Plug-in current monitoring railway relay with 2 change-over contacts

Planned introduction other new relays with similar improvements as the D-U200N relay:

Existing relay Improved relay Planned introduction
TDB4-U200 TDB4-U200N September 2020
TDBE4-U200 TDBE4-U200N
TDBE4-U300 TDBE4-U300N
WDE4-U200 WDE4-U200N
WDE4-U300 WDE4-U300N
FDC4-U200 FDC4-U200N
FDA4-U200 FDA4-U200N
MTDV4-U200 MTDV4-U200N
BD-U200 BD-U200N October 2020
KDN-U200 KDN-U200N