Engineered solutions

Engineered solutions

Perfect solutions

New built or retro-fit, Mors Smitt delivers a perfect, competitive and on time solution for any onboard challenge of space limitations and / or technical requirements. No matter the size or quantities. We understand the need for integrated specialised and optimised electrical solutions when (spare) parts are no longer available or improvement in e.g. energy efficiency or reduction of weight and space is required.

Optimizing rolling stock LCC & RAMS

Designing, updating and/or improving electrical control systems to the latest standards and state-of-the-art technologies improves the life cycle costs (LCC) of rolling stock. Reliability will improve and long term availability of technology is guaranteed by Mors Smitt. We design easy maintainable products and solutions that comply to the latest health and safety standards using the latest eco-friendly materials. Optimized energy consumption contributes to a cleaner environment.


Our experienced engineers have thorough knowledge of train components & technologies, and we design, develop, test and deliver your solutions to the latest railway standards and directives. All research & development, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing will be done inhouse in one of our own factories in France and The Netherlands.


Engineered Solutions :