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VoltSpotter II

626000778 (OBSOLETE)

This product is obsolete.

The successor to the VoltSpotter II is the VoltBeeper Plus.

Click here for the VoltBeeper Plus


Non contact voltage detector

The VoltSpotter, an automatic non contact voltage detector, will indicate the presence of AC voltage by phase detection. An optical signal is given upon voltage presence, without touching the cable.
When approaching an AC voltage, the LED in the partly transparent tip of the test tool will illuminate bright red. With the wide range of 100...1000 VAC and the stable design is determination of phase guaranteed. The VoltSpotter can be used in many service purposes, for detection of cable breach etc. The slim pen size shape makes the VoltSpotter quick and easy
in use and storage.


Features of VoltSpotter

  • Non contact voltage detection
  • Optical signal when voltage is detected
  • Phase detection


  • Batteries
  • Manual

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