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ELT-S Earth circuit impedance tester


Earth loop tester

The Earth Loop Impedance Tester ELT-S has been engineered especially for measuring the phase rotation, earth loop resistance via neutral (N), earth loop impedance via phase (L) and net impedance of LV-installations, all according to the EN 61557 regulation. The instrument is fully electronic and can perform line and loop impedance on single- or three phase systems. It is also possible to measure the loop resistance between neutral and earth without tripping the RCD’s.


Following tests

  • Earth loop impedance
  • Earth loop resistance between neutral and earth
  • Prospective short circuit current (Ipsc)
  • Net impedance between phase and neutral lines and between two phase lines on a three phase system
  • The condition of the protective earth potential (safe or dangerous)
  • Voltage
  • Frequency three phase rotation field

The ELT-S has an internal memory with 500‑locations for storing the measured values. These stored values can easily be transferred to a PC via the RS232 port.


  • Network test lead
  • Manual

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