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626000514 (OBSOLETE)

Automatic tool tester

The MultiPAT XE is an extremely versatile, automatic device tester with a robust portable housing. The tester is designed for testing in accordance with the standards EN 50110-1 / 2 and NEN 3140. The tester is suitable for testing single-phase and three-phase devices. The instrument is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard and a large grass LCD display with lighting. The display shows the status of the entire check / cycle during all measurements and offers a very high degree of user-friendliness.


  • Storage of a maximum of 2400 test results, including additional information such as location, department, date and time
  • Memory space available for personal notes
  • Automatic calculation of the earth conductor resistance limits
  • Creation of master data on the tester itself (in combination with optional PATManager software)
  • Measuring protection line and leakage current, even with multiple earth connections
  • QWERTY keyboard with shortcut keys
  • Real-time clock
  • Connections for barcode scanner, chip reader and serial or parallel printer
  • Generate automatic test codes
  • Check whether the correct connection has been made for the measurement in question, so-called detection test • Special measurement functions for checking IT devices
  • Upload of max. 500 results
Setting the test order and test values of the MultiPAT XE can be performed manually or software using a test code. The data and results of the different test objects can be stored in the internal memory or sent to the PC via the RS232 port. In the PC the test data can be processed in specific software (optional).
The tester is supplied complete with test leads. To increase ease of use, an additional test probe is also available that can be used instead
of the clamp.


  • Test lead
  • IEC cable
  • RS232 cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Demo version PATManager
  • Declaration of Conformity

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