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PQA 7700 Power Quality Analyser


PQA7700 Power Quality Analyser

The PQA7700 is a handheld, simple to use, portable power quality analyser with four current and four voltage measuring channels. Integrated in a rugged housing and packed withpowerful functions it can be effectively used formonitoring, troubleshooting and analysing of power quality conditions in power distribution networks either in industry or utilities. 


  • 4 voltage channels with wide measurement range: 0 ÷ 1000 Vrms, CAT III/1000V
  • 4 current channels with support for automatic clamp recognition and  ‘on instrument’ range selection
  • Compliance with power quality standard IEC 61000-4-30 Class S. Predefined recorder profile for EN 50160 survey
  • Power measurements compliance with IEC 61557-12 and IEEE 1448
  • Simultaneous 8 channels - 16bit AD conversion for accurate power measurements (minimal phase shift error)
  • Simple to use and powerful recorder with possibility to record 509 different power quality signatures
  • Voltage events and user defined alarms capture
  • 15 hour of autonomous (battery) supply.

The following measuring functions are represented:

  • Voltage: True RMS, peak, crest factor (4 channel)
  • Current: True RMS, peak, creast factor (4 channel)
  • Power: active, reactive, apparent
  • Power factor, cos φ
  • Unbalance, flicker measurement
  • Harmonic analysis up to 50th
  • Energy (active, reactive, generated, consumed)
  • Power quality analysis according to EN50160
  • Capturing and recording of power supply events (shut downs, interruptions, swells, dips
  • Inrush currents monitoring and recording
  • Recording up to 10 adjustable alarms
  • Waveform displaying and snapshot


  • Power quality assessment and troubleshooting in low and middle voltage electrical systems
  • Checking power correction equipment performance
  • Harmonics spectrum analysis for selection of harmonic filters
  • UPS, voltage generators and regulators, checking and troubleshooting·         Voltage, current, power monitoring and recording
  • Consumption profile recording

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