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SafetyPAT 3140


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The SafetyPAT 3140 is a progressive tester with a wide range of test functionalities. In addition to a device tester, the SafetyPAT 3140 is a complete device for the Risk Inventory & Evaluation. (RI&E)
Every company with staff must investigate or have investigated whether the work can endanger or damage the health of employees. This investigation must be recorded in writing.
In addition to the RI&E function, the basis of the SafetyPAT 3140 is a device tester in accordance with NEN 3140. This standard contains many requirements that can be measured simply, quickly and completely with the SafetyPAT 3140.


  • All NEN 3140 measurements
  • Universal and electrical risk assessment
  • 3-phase real leakage current through optional test adapter
  • View the instruction video here
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker check according to NEN 3140
  • Storage of 50,000 measurements
  • Built-in digital camera
  • Storage of 2000 photos
  • Bright LCD color screen
  • Querty keyboard
  • Works both on battery pack (included) and 230 V
  • Send data from location to computer
  • Bluetooth and USB connection for USB sticks
  • It is also possible to enter inspections of non-electric tools in the tester. This makes it possible to use 1 tester for testing the material.
Via a simple tool in PATManager V4 software there is the possibility to register a multitude of non-electrical requirements. This may include emergency lighting, climbing and hoisting equipment and garden and park machines.
The SafetyPAT 3140 brings the testing of work equipment to a higher level, and it is also the complete tool for RI&E control.

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