Equipment testers

Patmanager v4 software

PATManager V4 offers the user the ability to view the results
to process and manage the device testers. The results
are clearly displayed.

The software automatically takes all data from the MultiPAT 3140,
MultiPAT XE, EazyPAT XE and SafetyPAT 3140. Because of this
the input time is reduced, which reduces the inspection costs.
New in version 4 are the options for Risk Inventory and
Evaluation (RI&E). It is possible in combination with the SafetyPAT 3140
to exchange photos and complete risk analysis forms for RI&E.


  • Adding images to locations, departments or objects.
  • Determining the re-inspection period in accordance with NEN 3140
  • Automatic planner function
  • Handy view version of the software to offer customers an overview of the inspections
  • Object lists, task lists, history
  • Clear and clear overview of inspected objects
  • Full network support
  • Extensive output options in, for example, PDF, Excel and email files
  • Input of object data via CSV input
  • Upload data to the testers for automatic recognition
  • Designing certificates with own formatting
Suitable for all Nieaf-Smitt device testers: PAT3140S, EazyPAT XE, EazyPAT XEPLUS, MultiPAT, MultiPAT 3140 and MultiPAT XE and SafetyPAT 3140.
Patmanager v4 evaluation version
Click here to download the 30-day evaluation version of the Patmanager software.
You can try this evaluation version for 30 days with full functionality. After these 30 days the program is 'locked' and you must purchase the software if you wish to continue working with the Patmanager software.

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