Auxiliary, trip and supervision relays

TCM Trip Circuit Manager



  • High speed trip function
  • 4, 8, 12 or 16 heavy duty contacts
  • High burden trip operation
  • Self-reset or latching trip contacts
  • Magnetic arc blowout trip contacts
  • Integrated trip relay supervision
  • Integrated trip supply supervision
  • Optional trip circuit supervision
  • Modular construction
  • Made in Australia


The TCM System is a modular and cost-effective high-performance tripping relay with integrated supervision functions designed for power utility protection and control applications.

The TCM System provides a robust and reliable high-speed interface between the protection system and the circuit breaker.
A more economical alternative to traditional tripping relays, the TCM provides a compact, flexible and high-performance solution to meet applicable IEC standards.

A wide voltage range, high burden operation and standard hand reset flag reduces the number of model variations. The TCM range is packaged in a modular 4U high case that may be flush panel or rack mounted.

Three high speed trip functions:

  • TCM-1 SR contacts + HR flag button + ER flag input
  • TCM-2 ER contacts and Flag + HR contacts and flag button
  • TCM-3 ER contacts + HR contacts and flag button

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