Harbin Metro L1, China

Harbin Metro L1, China

m9-usa.jpgHarbin Metro is the rapid transit system of Harbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China. The system began operation with the opening of Line 1, which is 17.47 km in length and has 17 stations in service. The system is undergoing expansion and is expected to have a total of three lines and 89.58 km of track in service.

Challenge and solution

100-1423-retouched.jpgCongestion, budget constraints, and connectivity are major challenges facing for Harbin Metro System to choose reliable, functional and safety components such as Mors Smitt for safety operation. Mors Smitt products provide most efficient electrical solution safely, conveniently and cost-effectively especially in low-temperature operational environment. Mors Smitt ST high voltage and current protection relays are implementing solutions for green-eco traction system.

Implemented components

mors-smitt-railway-relay-d-u201-4.jpg b400.png fda-u200.png wde4-u200-versie2.png 100-1423-retouched-cutout.jpg
D-U204-KLC B400 115 EG SVF FDA-U204 TDB4-U204 ST1491

Scope of project Harbin Metro L1
Project duration 3 years
D-U204-KLC 2.605 pieces
B400 115 EG SVF 3.650 pieces
FDA-U204 106 pieces
TDB4-U204 262 pieces
ST1491 126 pieces