M9 EMU in Long Island, USA

m9-usa.jpgM9 EMU in Long Island, USA

Mors Smitt has delivered a range of different relays suitable for different applications for M9 Electric Multiple Unit in Long Island, USA. These trains manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industries consist of 92 seven-car trains. The first trains entered into service in 2019.

Challenge and solution
The different applications required different relay types all with proven reliability. Besides this, fast prototyping for mock-up and pilot car testing required very short delivery times for the relays. Mors Smitt has a complete relay line for any application and is used by all major North American operators for many years. The one-stop shop (relays for every requirement) in combination with very high reliability and value for money, made the Mors Smitt relays the optimal solution. Local presence at all customer locations to support technical requirements and relay selection, completed the package.

Implementd components

mors-smitt-railway-relay-d-u201-4.jpg d8-u200.png fda-u200.png wde4-u200-versie2.png mors-smitt-tac-timer-relay.jpg
D-U200 relay D8-U200 relay FDA-U200 relay TDB4-U200 relay TAC relay

Scope of project EMU M9
Project duration 2016 - 2019
D-U200 relays 8.400 pieces
D8-U200 relays 2.600 pieces
BW 400 relays 16.000 pieces
FDA/WDE4/TDB4-U200 relays 2.000 pieces
TAC relays - Electronic timer, windshield wiper control module 1.300 pieces