Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels

1A54 Station Alarm Panel

  • Choose from 4, 8 or 16 alarm points
  • Rack or panel mount draw out case design
  • LED indication for each alarm point with space for custom label text
  • Non volatile memory ensures last recorded alarm states are restored on power up
  • Wide range status input to initiate each alarm point
  • Repeat output contact(s) for each alarm point (Latching or self reset)
  • Common alarm output contact for use with external audible or visual device or SCADA input
  • Front panel acknowledge button & status input
  • Front panel reset button & status input
  • Self supervision watchdog with healthy LED & alarm contact
  • Built in test sequence
  • Wide range auxiliary supply
  • Made in Australia
Alarm Panels

1F701 700 Series Flasher Relay

  • Flasher relay
  • Ten year factory warranty
  • Plug-in measuring module
  • Double insulated high impact polystyrol case
  • Termination socket included for surface mounting enabling front or rear connection with optional DIN rail mounting
  • Proven circuit designs based on over 15 years of field service in hundreds of varied & demanding applications
  • Easy to set calibration scales
  • Tolerance to shock & vibration for generator, compressor & mobile applications
Alarm Panels

6RM QUAD Four Element Flag Relays

  • Lower total cost than single or dual relay packages
  • Increased packing density to reduce panel space requirements
  • Rack or flush mounting
  • Range of function types
  • Draw out module
  • M4 screw terminals
  • Operating & reset coils are available for 24, 32, 48, 110, 125 or 250 Volts DC
  • Contacts are of fine silver designed & manufactured to ensure low resistance & high reliability
  • Optional gold plated contacts suitable for low currents
  • Magnetic blowouts to improve contact switching capability may be fitted if required
  • Custom contact configuration
  • Custom labelling
  • High visibility electro-mechanical flag indication
  • Rugged modular construction
  • Made in Australia