Obsolete Test & Measurement Products

RCT-S Aardlekschakelaar tester

626000257 (OBSOLETE)

RCD tester

The RCD-tester RCT-S is engineered to test the RCD completely to the European regulations EN 61557 and EN 61010 (also selective RCD’s). RCD’s sensitive to sinusoidal error currents can be tested with the measuring method of this tester as well.

Following tests

  • Contact voltage
  • Trip current of the RCD
  • Trip time of the RCD
  • Voltage measuring Phase – Earth
  • Frequency
Testing the RCD is of essential importance. The regulations even subscribe the need to test RCD’s and (earth) leakage protection devices periodically. In many cases the RCD is supposed to trip within 300 ms after detecting an earth leakage in the top half of the nominal trip current. This means that in case of a 30 mA RCD, within 300 ms the voltage needs to be switched off automatically when the earth leakage is between 15-30 mA.


  • Network test lead
  • Manual

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