Obsolete Industrial Relay Sockets

V21 relay socket


This product is no longer available. The replacement socket is the V23.
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V21, 35mm (DIN) rail mounting, compact relay socket

For heavy duty, industrial applications, space saving design. Installation and replacement of plug-in relays is made easy and cost saving. No maintenance is required for the user.

Description of V21 compact relay socket

The V21 compact relay socket has one screw terminal per relay contact suitable for two wires up to 2.5mm2

Features of V21 relay socket

  • Screw terminals
  • Rail mounting 35mm (DIN)
  • Touch proof IP20
  • Suitable for all D-series power relays
  • Up to 2.5mm2 wire per connection terminal
  • Trifurcated female receiver for tight grip relay pin

Benefits of V21 relay socket

  • Compact design, space saving
  • Proven reliable
  • Long term availability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low life cycle cost
  • No maintenance

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