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The company NIF (Netherlands Instrumentation Factory, later to become Nieaf-Smitt) started in 1900 as one of the first companies in the world with the design and manufacturing of instrumentation for electrical values.
Since then Nieaf-Smitt has served the ongoing upgrading, upscaling, modernization and technical refinement in the installation sectors. The complexity and diversity in the installation sectors demands the specialism that Nieaf-Smitt provides by offering reliable instrumentation securing the energy efficiency and safety demands installations and appliances.
Design, manufacturing and supply of portable test and measuring equipment, characterized by quality and dependability. The portfolio of test tools, digital multimeters, current clamps, appliance and installation testers and power analysers is focused on solving the industry demands.
Worldwide availability is assured by a network of professional, trained and dedicated subsidiaries, distributors and agents, offering local service and support.
Nieaf-Smitt has certified quality and environmental management systems according to the leading international standards. ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001 are obtained. The process to achieve certification according to OHSAS 18001 is pending.
Nieaf-Smitt not only has a clear eye directed at reliability, dependability, safety and cost-effectiveness, but also to the demands of our planet. Environmental consciousness is woven closely into design, manufacturing and commercial operations. The company is contributing to the safety of the world in more ways than one.
Test tools

Test tools

Test tools are instruments which are useful to everybody working with electricity. These meters excel in simplicity, have a variety of functions and are easy to use.


Measuring non-electrical values or better called environmental values can be of great importance or influence in many industrial circumstances. Examples of such values are temperature, lux, decibel or relative humidity.


Many integrated functions make the digital multimeters suitable for different markets and users. The instruments for instance can be used for measuring electronics, electrical installations, machinery, appliances, etc…
Current clamps

Current clamps

Current clamps are being called multimeters more and more. The clamps are often used for measuring AC/DC currents, AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity and some even measure power.
Earth leakage clamp

Earth leakage clamp

Detection if an installation which is decreasing in quality is not always easy, for example tripping rcd’s. For such problems, an earth leakage clamp is most convenient.
Current clamp adapters

Current clamp adapters

Standard test equipment often doesn’t offer the flexibility or capacity for a current measurement. Multimeters are mostly limited in their range. Current clamp adapters are used to solve this problem.
Solar PV installation testers

Solar PV installation testers

The EazyPV and IRM100 includes all of the necessary equipment to measure the electrical safety and performance of PV systems as well as irradiance.
Thermal camera

Thermal camera

Thermal camera’s suitable for a wide range of users, in combination with very easy to use software. Thermal imaging can be used in any situation, experience it yourself.
Installation testers

Installation testers

Nieaf-Smitt has a wide range of testers to test each part of the installation. The combination testers combine multiple functions to perform these tests in an easy and correct way.
Power analysers

Power analysers

Energy and electrical quality of products is essential. In situations where it’s difficult to detect a problem, a power analyzer will help to make the correct conclusions to solve it.


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