Current Clamps

Current Clamps

The program of current clamps offers a wide range of functions and opportunities. NieafSmitt offers you 10 current clamps, each with its unique specifications. Whether you need a basic instrument, or a more advanced model. Even a CAT IV model is now available in our range.

Current Clamps

Accessories for current clamps

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Current Clamps
New product

NI 14R Complete current clamp

  • True RMS
  • AC/DC current up to 1000 A
  • Non contact voltage detection
  • Continuity
  • Temperature
  • Min-max hold
  • Display hold
  • LCD backlight
Current Clamps

NI 02


The NI 02 is the smallest current clamp in the range of Nieaf-Smitt Instruments. This clamp provides you the basic measurement of AC current up to 400 A.

Current Clamps

NI 03


With basic measurements as voltage, resistance and of course current makes it a ideal current clamp for the all-round users.

Current Clamps

NI 11


This elegant shaped, ergonomic current clamp is suitable for multiple measurements, such as AC currents, voltages, resistance and frequency.

Current Clamps

NI 11R


The NI 11R is an elegant and ergonomic current clamp, with high accuracy. The clamp is equal to the NI 11 except for the integrated True RMS measurement.

Current Clamps

NI 12R


Complete and versatile clamp suitable for measuring AC/ DC current, voltages, resistance and frequency.

Current Clamps

NI 16R

626005035 (OBSOLETE)

The CAT IV current clamp NI 16R is a meter, capable of measurements up to 1000 AAC/DC, voltages, resistance and frequency. Backlight helps in poorly lighted situations.

Current Clamps

NI 18 Plus


The NI 18 plus is a multifunctional True RMS current clamp. The clamp can measure voltage, current, temperature, Power Factor, Power (Watt) and phase rotation.

Current Clamps
New product

NI 19 Plus

  • True RMS
  • Current AC/DC
  • Voltage AC/DC
  • Resistance
  • Continuity test
  • Frequency
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Capacitance
  • Inrush current
  • Power measurement
  • Power factor
  • Phase rotation
  • LCD backlight
  • Torch illuminance when clamping
  • VoltSense (non-contact voltage detection)
Current Clamps

NI 30R


The clamp has accurate measurement of voltage, current (up to 300 A), or resistance. With a weight of only 205 g it is easy to handle and use.

Current Clamps

NI 349PR

626005025 (OBSOLETE)

Multifunction True RMS AC/DC current clamp. Measuring ranges up to 2100 AAC, 2500 ADC, 400 Ω, 600 VAC/DC, 1200 kW and 1000 °C. Max. 55 mm jaw opening.