Timer heavy duty power relays

TDE4N relay - Timer, delay-off, 4 pole



Plug-in electronic industrial timer relay with four change-over contacts. When the relay is de energized there is a delay on drop-out without any auxiliary power supply. The delay time is adjustable with a lockable knob. The relay can also be supplied with a fixed time delay (no knob).

The relay is equipped with a LED which indicates the presence of energizing voltage. Standard equipped with back EMF suppression. Optionally equipped with magnetic arc blow-out for high breaking capacity and long contact life.

The construction of the relay and choice of materials makes the TDE4N relay suitable to withstand low and high temperatures, shock & vibrating and dry to humid environments.

No external retaining clip needed as integrated ‘snap-lock’ will hold relay into socket under all circumstances and mounting directions. Compact design, choice of many options and a wide range of sockets makes the TDE4N relay an easy and flexible solution to use.


Rugged plug-in relays for extreme reliable, long endurance applications in harsh environment. These relay series are designed for demanding industrial applications such as power utilities and petrochemical industries.

The TDE4N is used in applications where a time delay on drop-out is necessary after de- energizing the relay, without using auxiliary supply.

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